The 2020 Mindset

Uncategorized Sep 23, 2020

It's often spoken that ‘2020 is the worst year ever’ or ‘2020 keeps on giving’ or ‘its just one thing after another’. How interested would you be in experiencing 2020 from a completely different perspective? Taking a shifted glimpse at the same year with different eyes. Deal? Let’s do it!

As crazy as it may sound, nearly 95% of our days emanate from a highly unconscious, preprogrammed pattern that we unknowingly created decades ago. We move about, from one thing to the next, without ever realizing how we got there or why we’re doing it. We repeat patterns that we learned, take a shower, brush your teeth, get dressed, make food, drive a car, the list goes on and on...and we continue to cycle through the pattern, barely conscious, in a highly defaulted state, until something interrupts it. Enter stage left March, 2020...your world came to a screeching halt. 

2020 interrupted your pattern.
2020 shook you awake from your unconscious slumber.
2020 was the child’s ball that rolled in front of your car while you were zoned out driving and you had an eye-opening, visceral response from it. It jolted you. You pulled over. You are wide eyed now. Woke. And highly conscious.

2020 paralyzed each and everyone of us, even if only temporarily. It hijacked our systems. It interrupted our flow, our patterns, our norm.
We are woke.

Allow me to back up for a second and explain how we got here. Previous to March, 2020 we were all functioning in our highly unconscious states. Same in. Same out. 

We woke up at the same time every day.
We brushed our teeth with the same hand, every time.
We drove the same way to work.
We multitasked (held a coffee, texted a friend, checked social media) all while driving that same car.
We had auto responses for when people ask us ‘how are you?’.
We ate the same breakfast, the same lunch and the same dinner (with a small variation).
We zoned out in meetings and again check social media, looking for something to wake our consciousness.
We repeated these patterns every day, over and over and over again, completely numbing out our ability to think, to change, to respond, to simply be. 

So why are we all so challenged with 2020 and its relentless pursuit of awakening our minds? We are challenged because we were so used to running on default mode. We’re challenged because we were unaware, zoned out and numb....and unconsciously enjoying it. Now we find ourselves wide awake, highly conscious and still trying to shake off the visceral response from the ball rolling out yet the adrenaline continues to linger. How do we make it stop?

What you’re experiencing my friend is an unchosen state far away from your comfort zone. It's an unconscious response to your surroundings. And it makes total sense that it's completely uncomfortable because for most of us we didn't choose this. And this very well might be the first time we’ve picked our heads up and noticed the world around us. We had no idea how unconscious we were. This journey has caused us to set our phones down and get reacquainted with our family. We have started cooking and eating at home. We’re connecting with long lost friends even if it’s only virtually and we started choosing, with conscious choice, what we will do next. This is all new. Choosing. Thinking. Connecting. And being. 

The question remains, why are so many people struggling with this shift? The answer is because it’s hard. Our brains like the easy stuff. Naturally, our brains seek out the familiar, the pattern, the default. Having to choose and make decisions takes on a whole different level of energy. It takes us way more effort and focus than we’re used to exerting. So it makes complete sense that we’re all seeking a pause button, a moment to catch our breath and regroup. Although it's way more comfortable to unconsciously wander through our lives allowing the day to pick us, my dream for you is that you embrace this opportunity to recreate your experience. Shift your perspective and take notice in all the goodness around you. Is the goodness new or just your awareness of it? Begin to pick and choose, with conscious choice, what you want to place in your day, your week and your world. Make it work for you. Create the life you need, consciously. 

Let’s shift our conversation to remembering 2020 as the year we woke up and began building the lives we so deeply desired...consciously.

Either way, my dream is that you enjoy each and every day embracing the challenges, the struggles, the happiness, the family time, and even the unsettled, residual adrenaline. Embrace everyday as a choice. A choice for you to consciously choose.

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